Ocean Freight

Whenever you talk supply chain, you talk ocean freight. Amid the fierce storms, rough seas, and delivery deadlines, we know how essential it can be for you and your business. At Masters Shipping, our goal is not only to ship goods from point A to point B, but in fact, it is to create a memorable experience.

Auto-Shipping and Transport

We know how important cars can be, and if you have just moved to a new place, or purchased a new car, we know you cannot wait for it either. At MastersShipping, we continue to improve your experience by helping you ship automobiles with convenience.


We provides inland and international transportation service. State to State Car Shipping includes shipping cars, motorcycles, boats, water bikes from private costumers, auctions, auto dealers to any place in U.S., Shipping vehicles by open or enclosed type trucks.

Air Freight

Shipping can mean a lot of work for you and your business. With shipments often being the last step in finalizing trade-deals, we know you want to see the process go through hassle-free. With business dynamics changing globally, at Masters Shipping we fully understand the need for transparency, speed, and cost-effectiveness.